Serving the Community

From The Kids Klub Team:

Greetings Kids Klubber,

Welcome to term 3 of Kids Klub! This term we are taking Kids Klub to space! Planets to be explored and lots of running around to be had so be sure to bring your friends as this space ship can take over 100 people. This term we welcome a new leader his name is Matt, over the course of the term make yourself known to him and I'm sure he'll introduce himself to all of you.

Now this term we will be taking a trip to Mars now be sure to bring your nerf guns. The other night to take note of is where we are on the moon for the night. This night will involve sleeping over at the church, there will be more to come on this but be sure to bring your sleeping bags.

Each week we play games, hang out, eat dinner and have a heap of fun! Each night runs from 5:30-7:30pm and costs $5

Until Friday keep cool,

- The Kids Klub Leaders