Serving the Community

For the past 11 years, our congregations have set aside a special Sunday for the purpose of reflecting on God’s amazing goodness to us as a church and as individuals.  This has included a special thanksgiving offering to help resource new mission initiatives within and beyond our church.    Those 11 offerings have raised over $170,000 - from which we have been able to repay $55,500 off our loans, do important property improvements such as the kitchen, fencing and soft-fall to help protect our kids, initiate new mission and outreach ideas with our children and youth and look beyond ourselves to support God’s mission.

The Thanksgiving Offering projects are NOT part of the normal church budget.  The reality is that without the Thanksgiving Offering, none of these things would have happened.  

Below is the 2017 Thanksgiving Offering projects for your consideration.  Thank you for our continuing support in our Thanksgiving Offering—we are very grateful.

PLEASE NOTE: Phil couldn't get the inventory bit working on the website meaning that we can't tell you when a project has been covered ... so there is a small chance that you might be subscribing to a project which has already been filled.  If you have, we will move your donation to one of the other projects.  We hope that this is ok.





Thanks Giving Sunday Projects

Worship & Technology

  • New worship presentation software - $500
    Due to an early thanksgiving donation we have been able to purchase a new computer for the sound desk but we have discovered that EasyWorship (the software that displays the songs, PowerPoint etc) is 9 years old and no longer works on the latest Windows operating system.  New presentation software costs $500
  • Christmas Eve – rental of staging and sound gear - $900
    Christmas Eve is our biggest service of the year and we have discovered that an investment in staging and extra headset and cordless microphones “dramatically” improves the ability for the congregation to hear and engage with the Good News of Christmas.  BONUS: Reservation of seats to this years Christmas Eve Drama for anyone who donates $250.

Church Property

  • Direction Signage at the Church - $750
    This project is for 5 direction signage to be helpful for new people. They will include signage for people to understand where the off street parking is, the way the driveway works and where the office and preschool are located. 
  • Manse Front Yard stabilisation - $750
    Every time we get heavy rain, the sloped front yard at the church manse (minister’s residence) is being washed away into the carport.  The solution is to terrace the slope using wooden sleepers and either grass or mulch the levels. Cost is for materials for a manse working bee. 

Supporting Mission

  • Supporting Richard and Lindsey Parker - $1500 one off gift + $150 per month extra support
    It has come to our attention that Richard and Lindsey Parker’s financial support has dropped since returning to Australia and due to Richard’s health they are not in a position to be raising support.  This project would be both an encouraging a one off gift to the Parkers but also trying to help raise regular support.

Helpful Resources 

  • New Bible study group resources - $700
    Most of our small groups use bible study resources (eg bible study books, DVD’s etc). Our hope is to purchase ten new bible study resources for both the adult groups and for SABS.  These will be available for any group wanting to use them and will be helpful during the transition time next year.
  • Children and Youth Group Equipment & Resources - $695
    Some of the equipment that the youth groups use regularly need replacing and some of the consumable resources are running low. This injection of extra money will be helpful in restocking to allow an easier time during the transition next year.  

Undesignated Giving 

  • As in previous Thanksgiving Offerings, you can decide to invest this extra giving to the church in whatever way you are feeling God calling to you to do. Maybe in debt reduction, or purchasing a composting bin, or buying bible study resources … or you can leave it to the wisdom of Church Council for them to allocate the best way for your donation to be used.

Thanksgiving Project Cards