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Information from Uniting Church and National Council of Church in Australia

Uniting Church "Insight" - Feb 11 2016
#LetThemStay – 6 ways to get involved

Blog from HOPE Uniting Church - Feb 5 2016.

Webpage - Information "Sanctuary for Churches"

Ways to Respond

Watch the video from Director of UnitingJustice Rev. Elenie Poulos

Uniting Church members are encouraged to contact their local members of Parliament to make their views known to Mr Turnbull and his Government by supporting this petition

Sign the petition by the Social Justice Forum

Sermon preached at NRCC on Sunday 14th Feb

"Where is the Love" by Rev Phil Swain
(please note that I had to edit some of the congregation discussion as the recording only picked up the person speaking when a microphone was used.  I edited out the silence and some little bits that didn't make sense if you couldn't hear the other side of the discussion - I apologize if your comment is not part of the recording)