Serving the Community

What sets us apart from other preschool programs:

Our teaching programmes are developed to suit individual children’s needs. We are well resourced with equipment, toys, games, books, music etc which are regularly updated to reflect current standards. Many parents comment on the warm homely environment which encourages their children to play and learn cooperatively not competitively and to show respect and care for each other.

On Thursday/Friday we have a special “Readiness for School” programme for those children going to “big school” the next year. There are also opportunities for parents to be involved in the running of the Preschool via a “parent group” which also has representatives on the Management Committee.

What do children learn at preschool?

Children learn through play
Play helps children learn about the world around them.
Play builds self-esteem and social skills.
Play provides the opportunity for children to work out feelings and spurs language development.

Our Preschool wants kids to have fun while they learn

Examples of activities include: Puzzles, language and literature, sand play, painting, water play, music, singing and dancing, playdough and clay, home corner and dressing up, balance games.

Skills the children have the opportunity to develop include: thinking, language, fine and gross motor, problem solving, concentration, self control, listening, social skills, maths and science skills.