Serving the Community

Our Educational Philosphy

North Rocks Community Church Preschool serves its local community with a focus on respectful partnerships between families, children and educators.  Nurturing and caring for children’s and families’ needs, individually, culturally, pastorally and in the wider world are central to our provision. We realise that each child is special and unique, so we place emphasis on individual development.

We have a strong programme of social and emotional skills facilitating a smooth and more confident transition to school.  Our program is based on the needs and interests of the individual child, with the aim of assisting them to reach their true potential, at their own pace and stage of development, regardless of gender, race or ability.  Our outdoor bush environment provides a peaceful space with opportunity for learning in small groups and individual activities.  Because the family has the most important influence on a child’s development, we encourage respect, trust and the sharing of information. This will provide continuity of care which is necessary for children to feel secure, to develop a positive attitude to life and to learn.

The Director, teaching staff and Management Committee a strong commitment to achieving outstanding education outcomes in accordance to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS).  To achieve this we have employed teachers of a higher educational qualification than most other preschools and encourage the ongoing development of innovate learning practices through teacher training.  The fruit of this commitment has been that the preschool was recently nationally assessed as "exceeding" in all key performance areas including educational programs, staffing, relationship with children and partnerships with the community - one of only a few preschools in the region to achieve this high standard.

Our Curriculum is designed to develop:

Social & Emotional Skills
Express their feelings through play, make decision and develop a positive attitude to life.

Numeracy & Literacy
Numeracy and Literature integrated throughout the day with a supportive environment. Through play children develop positive numeracy and literacy attitudes.

Creative Arts, Music & Language
It is encouraged by open ended activities. Given the materials children create their own end products. Music expresses their feelings and ideas.

Science & Technology
Learn through observation and discovery. A sense of curiosity and enquiry is nurtured.

Physical Development & Health
Opportunities are provided for the channelling of physical and emotional energies.