Serving the Community

About the Hammonds

Jacky & Mike Hammond are SIM (Serving in Mission) missionaries working as the Program/ Project Co-ordinators for the SIM “Hope for AIDS” program in Malawi, Southern Africa.  Jacky & Mike have two sons Joshua and Christopher.   The family has lived and served in Malawi for 6(?) years.


Jacky & Mike believe that whilst humanly speaking HIV/AIDS is the most devastating disaster to have hit Africa (and beyond), it presents a great opportunity for the church. The challenge is to proclaim, and demonstrate in word and deed, the love of God in Christ. The Hammonds believe we have a message of good news that no government can offer.  This is the hope that God offers with the assurance of His love and His invitation of eternal life to those who will receive Him.


HOPE for AIDS’ program covers:

H is for home based care. Volunteers from the church are trained to visit sufferers and their families, providing emotional, spiritual and practical support.

O is for orphan care. AIDS is wiping out a whole generation in the prime of their lives leaving a huge orphan problem. The HOPE for AIDS program aims to support the extended families in order to maintain the orphans within the community.

P is for prevention. If we are to stop AIDS we must work to prevent it. The church has a vital role to play in this respect.

E is for empowering the church. The church in Africa is often described as being ‘a mile wide and an inch deep’ so a vital part of the program is the discipling of the church so that it can truly be a ‘light in the darkness’ drawing people to know Jesus.


A Note from the Hammonds

”We only go as part of a team so we would invite you to be part of this compassionate ministry – to make a real difference to real people in Malawi through your prayers, financial gifts and staying in touch”.