Serving the Community

Destiny Rescue

In January 2011, NRCC sent a mission team to Cambodia to work amongst the urban poor in Phnom Penh with Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue is a Brisbane-based Christian NGO that operates a number of justice-based programs in South East Asia. In particular, Destiny Rescue Cambodia runs a Day Care Centre and Learning Centre that provides programs for children living in slum villages around Phnom Penh. In Kampong Cham Province, Destiny Rescue runs Rescue Homes for young girls who have been trafficked. They also have a number of sponsorship programs, small business loan programs and provide employment opportunities for at risk teenagers. For more information on Destiny Rescue see

In 2009, our church donated the funds for a large tuk-tuk to enable children from Beoung Tumpun village to attend the Day Care Centre and Learning Centre. As a result, the number of children attending these programs has doubled. The tuk-tuk has also played an important role in transporting children to and from school and encouraging attendance every day.
In early 2010, NRCC decided to enter into a relationship with Destiny Rescue Cambodia. We believe this partnership is an opportunity to empower members of our congregation to share the love of Jesus in words and deeds and to personally take action against poverty using their passions and talents to tangibly affect a specific community in need in Cambodia.

About Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is a Christian NGO operating in Cambodia, Thailand, Mozambique, Laos and Vietnam. They are linked with a number of other organisations working in these countries including World Vision.

Destiny Rescue undertakes a variety of projects in Cambodia.

Child Sponsorship - In the slums of Phnom Penh, Destiny Rescue supports underprivileged and ‘at risk’ children through child sponsorship. Children are provided with an education, school supplies, health care, clothing and other essentials. Families receive hygiene education, training and support to become self sufficient.

Loans - Struggling families can be provided with loans, allowing them to start up small businesses, such as selling fruit, food items and shoe repairs. A small loan can assist a family in becoming self sufficient.

Learning Centre - Destiny Rescue has set up a learning centre, providing students with extra help with their education. Many children start school late and struggle to keep up in their learning. The learning centre enables children to be taught by teachers, after school hours and receive the assistance they require to continue their education.

Day Care Centre – A Day Care Centre has been set up in the slums of Phnom Penh, to provide parents with a safe place to leave their children while they go to work. Parents are often forced to leave their small children alone in the slums, while they go to work to provide for their family. This has tragically resulted in the drowning deaths of a number of children, who have fallen into the putrid waters below their shack homes.

Rescue Program - Destiny Rescue provides much needed care and support for young girls and young women who have been prostituted and abused. In partnership with other agencies in the Destiny Rescue Network, young girls are sought out and rescued. Girls who are being abused are cared for in one of the many Destiny Rescue homes, where the girls are provided a safe environment, where they are supported and cared for after a life of trauma. The girls receive education and training to enable them to gain employment, such as hospitality or sewing. The rescued girls are slowly integrated back into the community, in a safe location and are given the chance to live a normal life.


· We are a Christian organisation

· We exist to serve the poor

· Make every dollar count (100% of child sponsorship funds goes overseas to support the children within their programs)

· Every child has a God given destiny (We hope to allow every child to first see their destiny and then empower them to reach it)

· More action – less talk (We do believe in planning, we do believe in making informed decisions but we don’t believe in making unnecessary red tape. When dealing with people in desperate need we believe in immediate action whenever possible.)


Rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved - We actively seek out and rescue children from sexually exploitive situations and slavery, then restore, protect and empower them.

Restore the abused - Those that have been rescued out of a brothel or sexually exploitive situation need very specialised and intensive care. They are given one on one medical, psychological, emotional and intellectual care to help them heal and overcome the abuses of their past. We also give them the tools they need to integrate back into society.

Protect the vulnerable - Children and women in developing nations are often very vulnerable and need protection from being sold into prostitution or from other physical/sexual abuses. We have "Safe Homes" for those deemed "at risk" for both short term and long term care.

Empower the poor - Our philosophy is to empower the poor to become self supporting, not to create a welfare system of continual handouts. We achieve this through education, vocational/business training, small business loans, job creation, self reliability projects, savings programs, day care centres etc.

Be a voice - The poor, the vulnerable and the abused often are powerless to have a voice that will be heard by those who have the power to help. Our aim is to be that voice, a voice that is loud and pierces deeply into the hearts of men and women, inspiring and motivating them to do all they can to positively impact the lives of the poor, the vulnerable, the sexually exploited and the abused.