Serving the Community

Mission Planning and Resourcing. May – June 2015

Last year our church undertook a process of mission planning and discerning of God’s plan and purpose for our church in the next era of our church life. This is something that we do every 3-4 years in the hope of keeping our mission and ministry fresh, relevant and within the will of God. It was a busy time, with church-wide meetings, smaller conversations, online surveys, creative finance meetings and lots of thinking, praying, reflecting and discerning. The result was pages and pages of ideas, concerns, issues and dreams shared by everyone in the congregation. (Reports of all these meetings are available here). We affirmed:

The values of our congregation:
* The centrality of Jesus and the Bible
* Discipleship
* Our intergenerational focus
* Hospitality
* Compassion
* A heart for Justice
* Creativity
* Openness
* Big Dreaming

The key people that as a church we are called to serve:
* Families with Young Children
* Children and Youth
* Our Local Community
* Those involved in regional and International mission
* Our faith community / Church Family

Five practices which we want to imbed in our congregational life:
* Radical Hospitality
* Passionate Worship
* Intentional Faith Development
* Risk-taking Mission and Service
* Extravagant Generosity

While we felt very strongly a call to continue to invest in these key areas - to provide contemporary and relevant Sunday worship, to offer care to all, to nurture faith, to invest in our children and youth through our amazing youth programs etc. - our Church Council discerned that God was leading us to particularly focus our energy and investment in five key areas arising from all the ideas and issues raised in the mission planning process. These five areas are:
  1. Building on the Touchpoints that we have with our local community
  2. Intentionally Teaching and Growing Faith in all people
  3. Developing Engaging, Attractive & Nurturing Worship
  4. Expanding opportunities for Mission and Service
  5. Addressing Issues of Church Sustainability and Governance
These are explained in more details in the document "NRCC Mission Priorities"

Church Council has appointed small groups of Church Council members to each of these five areas. These groups will be accountable for seeing that the ideas and issues are addressed and that we are “stepping forward” into the new year with energy and momentum. The flyer "Stepping out into 2016" is a brief update on how we are going, where we see the next step is and how you can be a part of helping us move forward. We are excited to see what God will continue to do through our church in 2016.

. Vision 2016 Documents & Resources