Serving the Community

Welcome! I am excited to be the Pastor here at North Rocks Community Church.  This is a very special place, full of people who love Jesus and who are passionately committed to creative worship and mission.  We believe that God's vision for this church is to "Transform Lives and Transform Communities" through the love of God.  I am married with three teenage kids, so I am committed to making worship comfortable for families with young children and interesting for families with teenagers.  I hope that we can live up to our name and continue to be a church which is involved in the local community. Some of my other passions are the need for people to “be real”; the importance of prayer; giving leadership opportunities to people, especially young people; fostering inter-generation discussions; celebrating as a community; and telling people how much God loves them and how Jesus can transform any person or situation.   There are many ways that people become connected to our church and if you feel like making North Rocks Community Church your spiritual home, I would be thrilled to be your pastor. Rev. Phil Swain


What We Can Offer

Life in today’s world can seem so complicated and busy that many people don’t have the time or space to address many of life’s big questions.

Some people are searching for answers to life’s big questions such as “Who am I?”, “Where do I belong?”, “What is the point of it all?”, “What does the future hold for me?” Other people are struggling to understand personal tragedies, unexpected life changes or just the monotony of life day after day.

At the North Rocks Community Church, we believe that God can offer some answers for these questions and issues. We believe that the answers can be found in Jesus.

We believe that in Jesus you can discover who you are – a person created by God. God likes you and is very interested in you.

We believe that in Jesus you can discover where you belong – in a relationship with him.  This sense of belonging is reflected in the church, a place on earth where you can feel God’s love.

We believe that in Jesus you can find meaning in life – there is more than just the material things of life…we know, we have experienced it!

We believe that in Jesus you can find hope for the future, both in this life and in the life that comes after death.

We believe that Jesus can bring healing to broken lives, restore strained relationships, provide help and support in times of change and bring hope and life to everyone.

What can we offer? We can offer you Jesus

Church Activities

  • Morning Worship   Sunday 9:00am Including creche (0-3 year olds) and Young Rocks (Pre-school to Year 12)
  • NiteRocks            (Evening Service)  Sunday 7pm
  • Preschool              5 days per week 8am-3:30pm
  • Playgroup Plus     Thursday 9:30am-12noon
  • BUGZ                     (preschool - Yr2) Friday 3-4.30pm
  • Kids Klub               (Yr 3-6)  Friday 5.30-7.30pm
  • Priority One         (Yr 7) Friday 5.30-7.30pm
  • Nudge                   (Yr 7-12)   Friday 7:45-9:30pm
  • Craft Group          Friday 10-12noon
  • Seniors “3AM”     Wednesday - Various activities

We also organise small groups at various times throughout the week for bible study and fellowship.  For further information about any of these activities, please contact the church office on 9683 2586 (between 9am and 2:30pm Tuesday to Friday), email or come and visit us at our church 132 North Rocks Rd, North Rocks.

What’s Important

  • Children, Youth, Families.  Many of the key leaders of the church have kids, so naturally children, young people and families are important to us.  We have many activities in this area including a great preschool, kids club, youth group, Sunday School and young adult bible studies.

  • Creative Worship.  Both our morning and evening services are contemporary, relaxed services with an emphasis on Jesus, good music, relevant teaching from the Bible, use of multimedia, drama and morning tea/supper. 

  • MissionNRCC has always had a strong emphasis on things which happen outside the four walls of the church building.  This includes supporting community activities, providing help and resources to families through our preschool and other programs, working within the local primary and high school right through to supporting and participating in overseas missionary work    We are constantly looking at new and creative ways of connecting with the community offering support and sharing the good news of Jesus.

  • Being “Jesus-centric”  Whilst activities, services, statements of belief are good … it is critically important that Jesus needs to be at the centre of everything we do and live out.